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Authentic Thai Street Food

Khanom Krok is an authentic Thai Street food stall operated by Worawan and Michael Kamann.

We began our journey on 11th March 2013 trading at Borough Market.

Worawan was born in Bangkok. Her family has been trading for generations in the food business; therefore, she was involved in every role for many years.

When we moved to London in 2001, we noticed that most Thai restaurants in London offered the same usual dishes. Their menus were almost identical and lacked authenticity in the way certain ingredients were used or not. Especially, the variety of Thai desserts were not recognised in the UK. We therefore decided to offer authentic Thai street food by using traditional ingredients and only the best products.

We believe that there is a market for authentic Thai food that tastes as good as in Thailand.

We are proud of being a trader at Borough Market and work hard to live up to the high standard of the market


Our aim is to introduce more authentic Thai dishes in the future which are unfamiliar to the British market.


We only operate at Borough Market to assure and maintain the highest standard of food.

All our current dishes are freshly made.
Our vegetables, eggs and tofu are sourced from:
Paul Wheeler (Borough Market),

Teds Veg (Borough Market),

Grovers of Borough Market

Jock Stark & Son (Borough Market)
Prawns are supplied by:
Shellseekers (Borough Market)
Beef is supplied by: Ginger Pig (Borough Market)
All spices are sourced from: Spice Mountain (Borough Market)



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